Bakers and Patissiers since 1959. Fifty years ago, when Manuel Chousa began his activity, he could not imagine that Chousa was going to enjoy the great prestige of a leading international brand, being present not only in Spain and Portugal but also in more than twenty countries. His great care over the selection of the product and his special and thorough manner when preparing the bread has been inherited by the next generations. All these reasons have made possible the clear identification of the word Chousa, and its unavoidable association with quality and tradition. Over generations we have learned to utilize modern Flash Freezing technologies under the supervision of our expert bakers to lock in Old World freshness. We have enhanced the recipes of respected artisans to become ambassadors of the most typical Galician Flavors found all over the world. Nowadays, the members of the third generation of Chousa's family, with their sights set on tradition, have introduced this modern technology in the workrooms, thus adapting to the market while keeping their identity: quality and flavour.